A Fresh Start & The Fresh & Onlys

Vertical House Records is expanding!! yay! Dreams really do come true! Kinda serious about that…I dreamed about the space we are moving to last year. And now it’s happening. We are moving across the hall, and that means we will no longer be crammed. Our couches will no longer be occupied by crates of records. You won’t have to dig under tables for the 12″ singles. We’ll be able to have sections (gasp)!

So say farewell to our old space, and join us soon in our new one soon!

Vertical House Records

Vertical House Records

Vertical House Records

Speaking of fresh, we’ve been excited about this new Fresh & Onlys video ever since the creator emailed us about it a while ago. Unfortunately, he had to email again saying that Pitchfork had to preview it first. And now that they finally have, we can share it here! This is a video of the song “Vanishing Cream” off their upcoming 7″ on Plastic Spoons Records.

The Fresh & Onlys – Vanishing Cream

The Fresh & Onlys – Vanishing Cream from EyeBodega on Vimeo.

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