A Late Welcome to the New Year

Welcome welcome 2010…although you have brought with you upsetting news and destruction to our neighborhood. By now everyone has heard about the sad fact of Jay Reatard passing away. And while we didn’t know him personally, his music has inspired us for years. It’s always disconcerting when someone passes well before their time, especially after reading his quote: “I’m just trying to get the idea out before the inspiration is gone. Everything I do is motivated by the fear of running out of time.”

To the family and friends of Jay, we are truly sorry for your loss.


Our friends in Thomas Function have put a new song up called In the Light of Day…although we gotta credit Josh for doing the whole damn thing himself. You can listen to the song right here though, no need to trek over to mahspace, unless you really want to. It’s such a catchy song and it makes me wish summer was right around the corner. I’m ready for the sun-kissed, pool-side hang outs!

In the Light of Day


Another friend, Charlie, has made it part of her resolution to create a new mix cd every month. Her first mix is almost like a twin sis to our Eargasms 6…ok, maybe Eargasms 5 and 6 combined. Anyway, it’s really great and you should make it yours! Download it here.


1. Jacuzzi Boys – Island Ave
2. Jaill – Beggar Sincere
3. King Tuff – Kind of Guy
4. Wipers – Return of the Rat
5. The Fresh & Onlys – Peacock and Wing
6. The Magic Kids – Good to Be
7. Wipers – Alien Boy
8. Smith Westerns – Dreams
9. Goodnight Loving – Colin Attends a Party
10. King Tuff – Sun Medallion
11. Hunx & His Punx – You Don’t Like Rock & Roll
12. Puppy Hearts – When Kingdom Come
13. Girls – Morning Light
14. Nervous Patterns – Robot’s on the Loose
15. The King Khan & BBQ Show – Crystal Ball
16. Wipers – Mystery

And she has this to say about it: For the past few months I’ve been ingesting music at an alarming rate. This mix is really just the tip of the iceberg, but I think are the highlights that could be best described as eargasmic. I plan on making this a monthly series partially to encourage myself to continue digesting everything I can find and partially to share my discoveries. This mix includes all three bands playing at Bottletree on February 4th – Girls, Magic Kids, Smith Westerns. I hope to encourage you to go to this show (or where ever they are playing in your city), it’s going to be an amazing time.

Andy and I are going to the Girls, Magic Kids, Smith Westerns show in Nashville on Feb. 6th and we can’t wait! It’s going to be a blast…and Andy is already predicting it to be the best show of 2010. If we can swing it, we’re gonna try to go to the B’Ham show as well. Cause I wanna have a slumber party with Charlie!

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