Rent “The Jangling Man” Martin Newell / Cleaners From Venus Documentary for a limited time!

The Jangling Man is the story of UK-based artist, poet, and Cleaners from Venus frontman Martin Newell. Regarded by many as an influential figure in the history of cassette culture and DIY recording, Newell has been an integral part of the British music scene since the 1970s, and his music career spans over six decades. He’s been produced by XTC’s Andy Partridge, and written for the likes of Captain Sensible of The Damned. Though it would be wrong to call him an “unknown”, he has never been directly in the limelight. This film brings to light the amazing career and life work of the artist, who, on top of being the most published contemporary British poet as well as an established gardener, continues to record and release music today. The film is directed and produced by James Sharp and co-produced and edited by Jim Larson, and features interviews with Jessica Pratt, Mac DeMarco, XTC’s Dave Gregory, DIIV’s Zachary Cole Smith, Cherry Red’s Iain McNay, Wild Nothing’s Jack Tatum, and more.

Rent “The Jangling Man” Martin Newell / Cleaners From Venus Documentary!

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