A Vertical House Christmas Party!

Vertical House Records is having a Christmas Party!

‘Tis the season for Christmas parties, sales, food, friends, and fun! Join Vertical House Records on December 23rd for a potluck and an awesome show with Thomas Function, Puppy Hearts, and Geof Geiss (of Pizza and Big Whup)! Food starts at 7pm and if you bring a dish, the show is FREE! The show starts at 8pm and is $3 (without a dish).

Need a last minute gift idea? Gift certificates and tees make great stocking stuffers! You can also place a t-shirt order for you or a friend if we don’t have your preferred size or color…or you can pull a Stewart and J.D. (Thanks guys for modeling).

Vertical House Records Hot Model

We’d like to take a minute and introduce you our new store ‘mascot’ dubbed Tiny for the time being until we can think of a name. S/he was found at the mill and we have decided to take her in! Tiny (or Elle P, or Emmylou, or or) will be with us everyday until she is big enough to stay home alone. So if you are a kitten lover, stop by the store and say hello! S/he’s super friendly and playful.


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